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Home User I.T. Support
(Kent based and by appointment ONLY)
…eliminate those frustrating I.T. problems in the home and get Red Dragon I.T. working for you!
At work, it’s someone else’s job to worry about the IT, but when it comes to your home PC or laptop the maintenance is down to you. Whether your computer needs repairing, an annual Health Check,  or you wish you had your own personal IT Technician on hand to help, then this is the service for you.

At work, it’s someone else’s job to worry about the IT, but when it comes to your home PC or laptop the maintenance is down to you. Whether your PC needs a repair or refresh, or you wish an IT Technician could come to your home to problem solve, then we are here to help.

PC Health Checks

If your computer or laptop is running a little slow or not as smoothly as you would like, it can be frustrating, and the chances are you need a PC Health Check. What’s included:

  • Virus & Malware Scan Removal
  • Defrag your Hard drive
  • Clean up your temporary files
  • Delete unused programmes
  • Update software and Drivers
  • FREE advisory Service regarding potential upgrades and services.

Cost: £59.95 (inc VAT), with 10% discount off upgrades recommended.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Whether you need your computer repaired or upgraded, we can look at your PC or laptop and quote for FREE. Examples of common repairs and upgrades include:

  • Processor upgrade
  • RAM upgrade
  • Hard drive replacement or upgrade
  • CD/DVD drive replacement
  • Power Supply replacement
  • Screen / keyboard replacement
  • Graphics card upgrade

Cost: £30.00 (inc VAT) per half hour for labour, plus additional costs for parts.

Purchasing a new computer or laptop?

In this modern world everyone knows something about computers, or so they think! Time and time again, we see people purchasing online and choosing the wrong products, not suitable for what they need them for, and it can be an expensive mistake. Here at Red Dragon I.T. we make sure we give you sound advice when it comes to buying your new device. Our PCs and laptops come with the operating system updates downloaded and installed, and if you want; anti-virus, email set-up and we’ll even come and install it in your home!

Onsite I.T. Support

There is nothing more frustrating than when you can’t get your electronic devices talking to one another! Whether you have problems with your router or Wi-Fi, your devices won’t synchronise, or your printer won’t print, one of our technicians can come to your home and resolve your IT nightmare.

Cost: £30.00 (inc VAT) for the initial call out and first half hour (up to a 10mile radius from TN25 6NU), and £1 per minute thereafter. £10.00 additional charge for a further 5mile radius added.

Remote Data Back-Up

Have you ever dreaded the thought of losing all your electronic files, whether as a result of fire, flood, theft or thru computer failure?? If you value your files and data and want a robust daily off-site back-up then we can help. With our off-site ‘Remote Data Back-Up’ service you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that everyday we will encrypt all your data at source, before connecting* it to and storing it on our securely located server. Our service saves the laborious task of backing up data through the swapping of external hard drives, which undoubtedly end up being stored unsecurely.

Cost: prices start from £10 per month for 5GB of data.

* must have a minimum upload speed of 1Mb