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Company:Victoria Nursing Group
Location:Town, County
Industry:Social Care
Workforce:55 staff members
Service(s):Screen System

Problem: Loss of functionality and data across the IT Infrastructure following a cyber-attack.

Solution: Our Senior Technician went to GENCO’s head office after an emergency call-out following repeat cyber-attacks that had resulted in XYZ damage being done (Andy please make it sound ghastly, lol). Within a few hours their IT systems had been stabilizabled and during the week that followed RDIT implemented the following;
Hardware and software upgrades
Anti-Virus Software
Bespoke Firewall
NAS Box Data Back-up (onsite)
Remote Data Back-up (off-site)

Outcome: GENCO signed up to our ‘Managed I.T. Support’ and they now have 100% GDPR compliance the highest level of data and information security. In addition, we support GENCO with software that is unique within the construction industry, a brand new website and social media platforms, and they have the a 3CX phone system offering their staff in the office and on the ground superb functionality.

Testimonial: “RDIT’s ‘Managed I.T. Support’ service is fantastic. If we have a PC or software issue, we ‘raise a ticket’ and the problem is rectified within 10 minutes. We were so impressed with their services we also swapped our phone providers and we also have Remote Data Back-up. Having this service is a definite must have for ANY business, especially with all of the recent cyber-attacks. We highly recommend this company.”
Natalie Çelik | General Manager | Genco Construction Services Ltd