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Genco Construction Services Ltd

GENCO Construction

Genco Construction Services Ltd
Maidstone, Kent
46 employees
Mar 2017
Stabilisation of IT Infrastructure & Managed I.T. Support


Background: GENCO Construction provide a range of services from general construction and civil engineering, to large roofing and flooring projects. Specialists in ‘reactive maintenance’ within the retail sector, GENCO operate 24/7, 365 days a year. As a result, failure with their I.T. or communication systems is critical, and they require high functioning IT infrastructure and phone systems.


Problem: loss of data and functionality from across the IT Infrastructure following a cyber-attack.


Solution:  our Senior Technician went to GENCO’s head office after an emergency call-out following repeat cyber-attacks that had resulted in problems with the file encryption. Within a few hours their IT systems had been stabilised and during the week that followed RDIT implemented the following:

  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Bespoke Firewall
  • NAS Box Data Back-up (onsite)
  • Remote Data Back-up (off-site)


Outcome: GENCO signed up to our ‘Managed I.T. Support’ and they have the highest level of data and information security which underlines their GDPR compliance. In addition, we support GENCO with software that is unique within the construction industry, a new website and social media platforms, and they have the 3CX phone system offering superb functionality to their staff whilst they are both in the office and out on the ground.


Testimonial: “RDIT’s  ‘Managed I.T. Support’ service is fantastic. If we have a PC or software issue, we ‘raise a ticket’ and the problem is rectified within 10 minutes. We were so impressed with their services we also swapped our phone providers and we also have Remote Data Back-up. Having this service is a definite must have for ANY business, especially with all of the recent cyber-attacks. We highly recommend this company.”

Natalie Çelik | General Manager | GENCO Construction Services Ltd