If your network isn’t as secure as it should, or your computer hardware is stolen, there is often only one thing standing between your sensitive information and the criminals, …. your PASSWORD!

For this reason, it’s important to have both strong passwords and unique passwords, but people say its impossible to remember them. So here is our guide on how to create unique and memorable passwords to help keep your sensitive data secure;

Step 1:  choose a memorable phrase, for example;

‘i love Manchester United football team’ which can be shortened to ‘ilMUft’

Ensure you use both upper and lowercase letters, and avoid choosing an actual word you’d find in a dictionary.

Step 2: choose a memorable number, for example;

                The year you left school ‘91’, the year you turned 18yrs of age ‘93’, etc

Step 3: choose a symbol, or replace a letter in your phrase with a symbol;

i = !,   a = @,   e = £,   $ = s, and so on.

Step 4:  put these altogether ilMUft93& and this becomes your set password no matter what website or piece of software you need it for.

Step 5: now bespoke this password for each website/software you access,

Add 3 capital letters relevant to the website/software in amongst your set password

Hotmail ilMUft93&HOT
Ebay ilMUft93&EBA
Lloyds Bank ilMUft93&LLO

Step 6: NEVER write down steps 1-4 (commit this to memory)

but you can keep a list of the three additional letters that you add to make it unique.

We also advise that you;

  • change your password formula every 12months,
  • always lock your PC when walking away from it,
  • set your devices/software to ‘time-out’ after a set period of inactive time,
  • ensure that tablets and smart phones have a 6-digit pass code as a minimum and limit the number of failed log-in attempts to devices where applicable.

For more information please visit our Information Security page or contact us today.