So often we see businesses that are struck by a cyber-attack, fire, flood or theft, and before they know it they have lost all their data!! Whilst some might think their data isn’t that critical, if you lose all your accounts and your customer database, a back-up recovery plan would certainly be an advantage in getting your business back up and running in a matter of hours.

We always recommend the 3-2-1 rule to Data Back-ups.

  • Keep THREE copies of your important data, i.e. one primary source, and two back-ups,
  • Save the files on TWO types of media, i.e. hard drives, SSD, USB drives, cloud storage, etc
  • Keep ONE copy off site, in an equally secure place that is under lock and key.

For ‘onsite back-ups’, we offer encrypted external hard drives or NAS Boxes. For ‘off site back-ups’ we recommend our daily remote back-up service, which encrypts your data at source, before connecting it to and storing it on one of Red Dragon IT’s servers, located on a fully secure premises. This saves the laborious human task of backing up data through the swapping of external hard drives, which inevitably never end up making to a secure off-site location.

To create a ‘Data recovery Plan’ or for more information on our remote back-up services please visit our Information Security page or contact us today.